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We are an independent distance learning training college. For your peace of mind, The Holistic Design Institute is a registered and insured Learning Provider based in the UK (UKRLP 10013954 )operating successfully since 1996.

Please note these listings do not guarantee funding and there are constant changes in the options available depending on your status.

You may be eligible for sponsorship or a career development loan to assist with paying your course fees. If you are long-term unemployed, on Jobseekers allowance, or have a special health or social need you may be eligible on the Welfare to Work Scheme (for example: if you are a single parent)

Social Service Funding

You may also be able to get local funding through through the Social Services Department, and Department of Works and Pensions. You may also be able to get funding from local business enterprise schemes if you intend to start up a business.

Charity Funding

If you are disabled or have special needs you may be able to get a charity to sponsor your study.

Business Enterprise Schemes

There are various Business Centres around the country that have funded previous students. Ask your local Education Authority or Citizens Advice bureau for details of Business centres or funding in your area.

Company Funding

Some employers in the UK set aside funds for career development for their employees. There are various projects around the country giving funding for work through arts, sports and volunteering.

Professional and Career Development Loans

The loan idea is the same a commercial bank loan between a bank and a learner to pay for their course that leads to work, where the learner enjoys an interest free period while in learning and only begins repaying the loan when they stop their course.

Suzy Chiazzari

Suzy Chiazzari


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