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Extracts from our students’ letters

‘I am very much enjoying the holistic interior design
coursework. I decided to pursue a formal education in
this field since I am an interior designer with a
bachelors degree in interior design and specialize in
holistic methods and High quality Nike Jordan in online shop strategies. The information has been thorough and thought-provoking and a great
compliment to the knowledge I have already obtained in
holistic lifestyles.’ Student in the USA

‘ have worked with my son on all aspects of sensory teaching with great energy for you success, so much so that I have been asked to give a voluntary talk to the local Education Authorities. With the C growing number of schools and desparate parents hoping to seek communication with their children I have been inundated. The warmth, which I have received from reading your course enabled me to cope with this demand and regardless of the outcome of my certificate achievement I wanted to say thank you for that.’ Student in Middlesex, UK

‘I would like to say that the experience so far has exceeded my expectations, and I really feel the thought that has gone into the designing of the course.’
Student in Middlesex, England

‘I found your marking clear and concise, and appreciate the advice you have given...’ Student in Ireland

‘I thoroughly enjoyed doing both of the courses and I found the course to be both interesting and challenging. I look forward to receiving my results.’
Student in South Africa

‘I must say I have been very impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge of your program. I have been a student and practitioner of color therapy, I truly appreciate the understanding and presentation of your program.’ Student in USA

‘I am really enjoying the Colour Therapeutics course and find that the material you have produced is extremely user friendly and professional. The tape that was sent with the course is also excellent and really aids my understanding through making the course more practical and alive. Having never undertaken a correspondence course I did feel nervous however I had no reason to, as I could not have expected a better course being sent to me - Thank you for this. I have recommended your school to a colleague ..............................’
Student in Middx, England

‘This first five modules are having a profound effect upon me. This morning realising how these colours have always been with me yet how I have allowed or not allowed this creative free side expression. I studied for a year at Swansea University, Art centred counselling which was good for me, however colour and light therapy, even this much, has been profound.’
Student in Newcastle UK

This course has taken me out of my comfort zone as the subject is new to me. It has proved inspiring and set me on different paths of thought. Thank you for the journey - it has been most enjoyable. Student in the UK

The Holistic Design Institute has trained students
in over 35 countries

Suzy Chiazzari

Suzy Chiazzari


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