Renew my HDI course

Renew my course


Our courses are valid for one year only. If you enrolled on a Holistic Design Institute course more than one year ago and have not sent in any coursework your course has expired. You can check this by looking at your student number. This shows the year you registered. 212 is 2012, 213 is 2013, 214 is 2014 etc.

Our school is operating to full capacity so we have to give our current students our best attention, but for a limited time we are offering students whose course is out of date the chance to renew their course for six months. This gives you two more submission dates to complete your studies.

To keep in line with increases in administration and tutoring we have to charge 35.00 per year for each year a course remains inactive. Regretfully we cannot renew a course over 3 years old without special arrangement.

Once you have paid the excess we can email you an up-to-date version of your course notes and examination if necessary. Please note that we only send replacement notes by email and that you can only re-activate your course once.

When you renew your course you will have two more submission dates to finish.


Please select the appropriate amount on the button below. The payment buttons are presently being updated so select according to the fee.

If you enrolled onto your course :

2014 - 100 (older courses cannot be renewed)
2015 - 70
2016 - 35
2017 - This depends on the month you registered. If your course is over one year old then choose the 35.00 option.

Please ignore the text on the payment buttons and just select the amount as listed above.

Enroling denotes acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Please send my courses notes on CD ROM.


Please send my courses notes via email.


Please mail my course in two workbooks (UK & Northern Ireland only).


Non tutored email course (no qualification given).


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If you prefer to enrol by mail please print and return this pdf form with your payment. (opens in new window).

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Suzy Chiazzari


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