Japanese Garden Design

Specialist course for the Western Gardener

Distance Learning Study Course
10 Lessons

This short course is designed for anyone interested in specialising in Japanese garden design or who wants to introduce these elements into existing garden design practise. Japanese gardens have been admired and enjoyed by Westeners for generations, and many public and country house gardens have set aside an area for them. These days garden designers are finding an increase in the number of commercial clients who wish to integrate these ideas into larger buildings, hospitals and schools.

Japanese gardens are very versatile and particularly useful for creating an illusion of space in a small courtyard or patio garden and as they require little maintenance integrate well with modern architecture. A Japanese garden exudes a general feeling of peace and tranquillity and is becoming very popular as a healing garden.

Our course teaches you the elements of traditional Japanese garden design, so that you can create an authentic Japanese garden or incorporate harmonious elements into contemporary designs. There is a high degree of practical content in this course.


*The history and elements of the Japanese Garden Design
*Layouts, materials and design principles
*Stone groupings and stepping stones
*Sand gardens and stone pavements
*Bamboo and bamboo fences
*Plants, trees, shaping and pruning
*Walls and gates
*Lanterns, stone towers and statues
*The courtyard garden - design features
*Water gardens - streams, waterfalls, bridges
*Shishi-odoshi (water fountain) and Koi pond

The HDI Diploma will be awarded to students who achieve 70% or more on questions set at the end of each module and who satisfactorily submit a garden design at the end of the course. Diploma students will be able to use Dip. HDI (Japanese garden design) after their name.

Recommended Study time is 3 to 6 months studying at your own speed.

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