Suzy Chiazzari is recognised as a leader in the field of Holistic Design and Colour Therapy. Her work has been featured on radio, television and in many newspapers and magazines. She is a gifted designer, experienced colour coach and healer, international lecturer and enthusiastic workshop leader. Suzy is also a best-selling author and on the panel of experts for several health and design magazines. She is the principal of the Holistic Design Institute, Iris School of Colour Therapy and founder of the International Wheel of Colour Association (IWOC). The affiliated colleges offer accredited training in colour therapy counselling and healing and holistic interior design, garden design, therapeutic art and music and related subjects using colour and design as a healing art.

In her series of inspirational master classes and short courses Suzy shares with you her knowledge and experiences that changed her life, so that you too can enjoy the success and happiness that working with colour and holistic design can bring.

Holistic Design Courses

The Holistic Design institute is a leading UKRLP registered online college that provides specialist training in Interior design, Garden design and Therapeutic Art and Music.

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Colour Therapy Courses

At the Iris School of Colour Therapy we are passionate about colour. We believe that colour is a natural gift that we can use to enrich ourselves, and to help us through the stresses and challenges of life.

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Popular Courses

Holistic Interior Design Advanced Diploma

Holistic Interior Design Advanced Diploma

for Qualified professionals This level is the equivalent of a post-graduate Professional Diploma for practicing Designers and professionals working…

Nutritional Therapy with Colour

Nutritional Therapy with Colour

Based on Suzy Chiazzari’s book Nutritional Healing with Colour Nutritional Therapy using Colour Certificate 10 Lessons This specialist colour…

Colour Acupuncture Diploma

Colour Acupuncture Diploma

Also known as Colourpuncture or Colour Acupressure HOME STUDY DIPLOMA (online by email, CD or workbook) 10 Lessons Colour acupuncture is a growing…


I enjoyed every minute of doing the reading, putting it all together and preparing the write up. NJ from Wales.

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