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The Holistic Design institute is a leading UKRLP registered online college that provides specialist training in Interior design, Garden design and Therapeutic Art and Music.

Our aim to encourage the creation of beautiful harmonious homes and healing gardens that are life-supportive and eco-friendly, and all our courses reflect a responsible and sensitive response to our environment and community.

Our online and home study Diploma training courses offer students the opportunity to start a new career in the fast developing fields of environmental design and the therapeutic arts. Our range of therapeutic and holistic design careers will equip you with the skills needed to design inclusive and sustainable interiors now and in the future.

Our client based modalities focus on using sound, colour, art and design as a healing art to aid physical, mental and spiritual health. It also gives practicing Architects and Designers the opportunity to extend their knowledge and introduce more holistic practices into their work and to increase their client base.


The Holistic Design Institute was founded in 1992 by international best-selling author and leading Holistic Interior Designer and Colour Therapy consultant, Suzy Chiazzari. Since then the Institute has developed an excellent international reputation as a leading learning provider in the fields of creative and therapeutic arts using Colour Psychology, Holistic Interior design and Healing Garden design, Music and Sound therapy and Creative Art as Therapy. Our courses can be used for personal or professional development as well as offering a creative and caring career.

As the world becomes a more stressful place, there is a growing need for homes and work spaces that offer a personal retreat - somewhere to relax, regenerate and replenish ourselves, so we can lead more balanced and fulfilled lives personally and as a community.

Our courses are specially designed for home study by Suzy Chiazzari and tutored by her, so she can offer you sensitive support and comprehensive personal advice during your studies. All the courses have plenty of practical content so you become confident to work in your field of study once you graduate.

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- World renowned college specialising in this field
- UK registered Learning Provider
- Start any time and study at your own speed
- Comprehensive colour illustrated study notes
- Plenty of practical content to develop your confidence
- Expert personal tutoring and feedback from Suzy Chiazzari herself
- Flexible homework submission
- International Diploma awarded by the Holistic Design Institute
- After graduation support and student forum


I was so pleased to have found your course as it has given me the confidence to work with clients on actual jobs that will build up my career. It showed me how to give a home a top to toe health check and then how to create a happy, healthy and ecofriendly space. TS from Brighton. UK

Your course was so interesting and the practical tasks with your feedback really let me change the whole atmosphere of my home and enjoy its full potential. I loved creating the mood boards and look forward to studying Colour Therapeutics for Interiors. MP from NY City. USA

Having already studied another Interior Design Course, I was so happy to learn more about the use of natural materials, energy efficiency in bathrooms, showers and heating as well as how to declutter, improve the mood and create a healthy environment. My son suffers from asthma. BS from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Thank you for taking so much time to do the analysis of my art therapy drawing and share your insights, it is greatly appreciated. I am really looking forward to doing this exercise with my clients in the future. RM from Germany.

Suzy Chiazzari has inspired my creativity endlessly with her Colour Life Coaching Program. If you are interested in holistic health practices Suzy has so much of offer. I highly recommend learning and studying with Suzy and her organization. Such kindness in her way of teaching is rare. She is actively and genuinely engaged in created a community for the better good of humanity.
FD - Colour Life Coach, Image Consultant and Clinical Musician.

Many more testimonials can be found at the bottom of each course pages.

Suzy Chiazzari

Suzy Chiazzari


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